Sunday, August 7, 2011

AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface - GSOC 2011 - 11th week

According to the schedule I had to continue with ajaxifying table operations task this week.

Since there was a bug with "Table copy" option which was done last week, Marc asked me to fixed the issue which is currently not reloading the navigation panel after copping the table to a new database. Initially I could not understand why we need a reload on navigation panel, but after the Madhura clarify me why we need it I fixed the issue.

Then I start working with ajaxifyig the other four options in "Table operations". Those are
  • Move table to database
  • Table options
  • Table maintenance
  • Delete data or table.
After discuss with Marc we decided "Move table to database" option do not need ajax behavior, because anyhow we have to redirect to the moved table after moving the table to new database. Also we decided that only "Empty the table(Truncate)" option in the "Delete data or table" section need ajaxification because after delete action there is no need to be in the Table operations of the deleted table.

I started ajaxifing the four actions in Table maintenance section.
  • I added "$("#tbl_maintenance.ajax li").live('click')" ajax action to the fucntions.js file which handles all four ajax click actions in "Table maintenance" section, and get the results of those actions.
  • Then I changed the tbl_operations.php and sql.php files in order to handle the ajax request and response according to that.
Then Marc showed a me a bug of not showing the Msg_type and Msg_txt feature after "Check table option" and I'll fix it next week.

Then I worked with Ajaxify the "Empty the table (Truncate)" option.
  • Since there is some related code for this feature with $("#truncate_tbl_anchor.ajax").live('click')" action in functions.js file I reused that action and changed the logic to show the results using ajax.

Next week I 'll continue with ajaxify the "Table options" and fixing the bug in "Table maintenance".

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