Sunday, August 21, 2011

AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface - GSOC 2011 - 13th week

This is the final week of gsoc 2011. As I mentioned in last weeks report I had to continue with rewriting the querywindow.js functions using jquey this week.

I had to rewrite the following functions this week.
  1. PMA_queryAutoCommit()
  2. PMA_querywindowResize()

Initially I rewrote the logic in "PMA_queryAutoCommit()" function using jquery, but I could not find a scenario where this function is triggered within the query window. Then I asked from Marc to get an ideal of a scenario where this function triggers. Then he suggested me that "clicking on the queries in sql history tab" should trigger this function. Further he mentioned that this scenario didn't work with his testings and if I also couldn't get it check correctly it is better to skip ajaxify this function. I tried the scenario and compiled the querywondow.js file with firebug, but it didn't trigger the "PMA_queryAutoCommit()" function. So I skipped ajaxifying the "PMA_queryAutoCommit()" fucntion.

Then I started working with ajaxify "PMA_querywindowResize()" function and with Marcs help I was able to test it correctly.

With that I finished ajaxifying the functions in querywindow.js file.

Then Marc directed me to a bug which is reported at bug tracker regarding the table->structure->change. When the user clicks on change a column which is having var_cahr type, the change dialog does not load the type correctly. So I went through the code and found this that this issue is not with my ajaxified part, but on original non table structure change section. Then I went though the file and found what is the issue for this and reported it to Marc. Then Aris showed what was the bad commit which caused this issue and the remaining changes should do after discussing more with Marc.

With all these, I finished my tasks which were proposed my proposal at the beginning. Lots of people helped me a lot to achieve this success in the project, specially Marc, Ninad, Michal, Madura, Rouslan and Aris. Even after this gsoc project I'm willing to continue contributing to PMA which is a great pleasure to me.