Monday, August 13, 2012

Managing Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer has became the most influential invention which was the seed for many other concurrent inventions. There are about 1 billion computer users all over the world. Most of them works with the computer as there profession. Out of them majority are suffering from serious eye issues which is called as computer vision syndrome.

There are many causes for this syndrome and most of them are there because of the carelessness of the computer users. Some of them are,

  1. Not taking rests for your eyes for a long time
  2. Not using proper lighting for the computer screen and background
  3. Not maintaining proper distances with the screen and the eyes.
With all these bad habits your eyesight is getting worst day by day. This will end up with serious damages to your eyes in the rest of your life. 

But you can overcome it by following simple techniques as a habit while using the computer. Those are  as follows.
  • Get a computer eye exam to check for dry eyes and vision

  • Use Proper lighting

  • Minimize glare

  • Brightness of the screen should be same as your work environment

  • Text size should be three times the smallest text size you can read from your normal viewing position

  • Make blinking more often a habit(otherwise your eyes get dry because of less blinking)

  • Relax your eyes
    • Every 20mins look at object far away(at least 20 feats away from at least 20 seconds)
    • Or close your eyes for 20 seconds

  • Take frequent breaks
    • Micro breaks: 20/20/20 rule
    • Mini breaks: 1-2 hourly for few minutes, stand up and stretch
    • Maxi breaks: This could be a coffee of a lunch break
Out of all these 20/20/20 rule is the most exiting rule which I have heard and which is mostly missing from computer users. 

What is 20/20/20 Rule?

    Every 20 minutes look at an object which is located 20 feats away for 20 seconds

This gives a huge rest to your eyes and allow your eye muscles to focus on distance objects which will preserve normal operations in an eyes. But most of the people don't get remind to do this when they are stuck with work.

You can find a simple reminder program for your machine and allow it to remind you for every 20mins to have a rest. After you get used to, it will be automatically done by you. 
For Ubuntu users I have written a small bash script which will remind you every 20mins to have a rest.  You can download it and follow the instructions in the Readme file. 

Start protecting your eyes which will never comeback after get damaged. 


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