Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How link another folder to your www web folder.

In last post I have describe the way to link your public_html folder to the www folder. To I will describe a simple way to link a folder to your /var/www to make easy your web developing stuff on linux.
1.To do that first you have to make a folder in your favorite place using mkdir command.
mkdir /home/abc/myFolder

2.Then go to your /var/www/ folder.
cd /var/www

3.Then link your folder to the www folder using ln command.
sudo ln -s /home/abc/myFolder

This will make an linking file in the www folder and you can see it in your www folder in the same name as you used for your linked folder

Now you can use your myFolder folder for run files in the web server by the address

So use this method to make easy of your life in using servers for advance developments.

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