Sunday, July 10, 2011

AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface - GSOC 2011 - Seventh week

This week my target was to work with "ajaxify the Column->Change in Table->Structure" task. But at the beginning of the week Rouslan and Marc arose two issues regarding my previous modifications. Those are
  1. Set of issues with the "Ajaxified Index->Edit" option
  2. An issue of not appearing the date time pickers in "DB->Structure->Insert"
With the issues in "Ajaxified Index->Edit" I had to rewrite the "checkIndexName()" function which was written in the indexes.js file. The existed method was written in pure javascript and I had to write it using jquery. And there were some issues with the manner I have used the jquery dialog and by Rouslans explanation I was able to gain some important facts on using the dialog correctly.

Then I worked with DB->Structure->Insert" issue with the help of Rouslans help and was able to bind the datetime picker with the insert form.

Then I start working with my this weeks task which is to "ajaxify the Column->Change in Table->Structure". Initially I tried to reuse the code which I have used in my previous task "Ajaxify Table->Structure->Muli_column->Change". So I moved the common code to "changeColumns(action,url)" function and used with both
  • $("#fieldsForm.ajax .mult_submit[value=change]").live('click')
  • $("#fieldsForm.ajax #tablestructure tbody tr td.edit a").live('click')
Since I used "modal:true" parameter within the dialog there was an issue of "enum-editor" getting disable. This happens because of applying the "ui-widget-overlay" for the rest while we editing in the dialog. I found that the basic z-index of the overlay id 1000 and dynamically changed the z-index of the "enum-editor" to 1100 so it appears above the overlay.

Now it works properly and the modifications were merged to the master branch by Marc.
Change dialog box
Enum editor

Next week I will work with the mid-term evaluation and implementing "Add->Columns" in "Table->Structure".