Sunday, July 24, 2011

AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface - GSOC 2011 - ninth week

This week I continued my works on "Ajaxify the Add column(s) in table structure". I added two ajax actions in to tbl_strucure.js and functions.js files.
  1. I added the "$("#addColumns.ajax input[value=Go]").live('click')" action to the tbl_structure.js file which gives the add columns dialog for the user.
  2. Then I reused the code in "$("#append_fields_form input[name=do_save_data]").live('click')" action in functions.js file which was initially written for handling the table->change option. I did small changes for the same action and used with this feature.
Then after Marc pointed out two issues with the enum editor which are
  1. Cannot edit the enum editor values
  2. Not appearing the name of the column in enum editor header
Since I have fixed a similar issue in Table->Structure->change feature I used the same logic of overlaying the enum editor by changing its z index using jquery.

Finally when the feature is finished, user gets an "Add column" dialog box which allows the user to add a column to the table as follows.

I started working with modifying the Table operations tasks by applying the ajax behavior for those features. I started ajaxifying the Alter table order option and still in progress.

Next week I'll continue with that feature.

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